Verso Performance

Vibrant & elegant water ballet shows

Graceful & strong

Our swimmers have competed at the international level representing numerous countries. We continue to indulge our love for the sport by sharing our grace and strength through performance. Based in Miami, Florida, our diverse cultural backgrounds and genuine love for the water has empowered us and makes Verso Performance the perfect entertainment for all types of events.

Water ballet

Water is our vivacity, our source, and our second home, where we elegantly use our bodies to experiment with new possibilities of shape and form: swimming, moving, floating, splashing. We dance underwater breaking through the surface; the sunshine skips across the pool and onto our shining bodies, our pointed toes.

Verso Performance Swimmers Posing

As eyes open wide and smiles first connect with Verso’s water ballerinas, the whispers and excitement come alive Рmany have never seen a vintage or contemporary synchronized swim show. Colorful swimsuits, bright lipstick, and silky smooth legs make their way through the crowd to the side of the pool. One by one, they gracefully dive into the shimmering water to the rhythm of the music. These gorgeous floating spirits swim together with a bright effervescence that spreads from the water to the crowd.

Verso Performance Swimmers Jumping

See us in action

Watch our performance with Chromat during Swim Fashion Week to see what we are all about.

Verso Performance Swimmers Smiling

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